Consumer Will Guide

We start each consultation by asking three questions:

Who are we talking about?
Family and dependants

What are we talking about?
Assets that would be collected by any Will.

What you want to achieve?
Look after the children, pay minimal Tax.

Once we have this information we can suggest alternatives with the advantages and disadvantages and fee attached to each choice.

Our Fees are based on visiting you twice. If you give Instructions to prepare any documentation then we send you a draft of that paperwork. Amendments can be made by phone or email or letter. It is often the case that no one knows the address of “Auntie Joan” at the initial meeting.

The second meeting is to sign an original Document. The formalities for signing a Will are crucially important and we like the peace of mind that comes from the fact that one of us is the First Witness on every Will. The other witness is likely to be your neighbour or a friend who happens to be around. They cannot be a beneficiary in the Will or married to a beneficiary.

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BBA Guidance For Consumers Booklet


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