How to find the Will Part Two

Certainty (also known as recommends storage using NATIONAL WILL SAFE  the  IPW preferred supplier.

Certainty provide a service to record that a Will exists and where it is. Some clients prefer to store their documents in a place of their own choosing.

Families can access these Wills by searching the database for documents they believe may exist. This comes at a cost to the persons trying to find these Wills as there is a fee charged for searches of the database. This saves the families the task of asking all possible writers of Wills if they ever wrote a Will for the deceased.

There are three common scenarios in which this database is used: The Will would not have been found without it being registered; the searcher was unaware of the Will and/or its whereabouts; the writer of the Will had lost the file usually due to retirement or sale of business. With over 7 million Will records within its database, thousands of searches take place every month with reasonable success.

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