Why do I need a Will?

Everyone with assets of any sort should have a Will. A penniless tramp hit by a bus may have an insurance payout to distribute.

It doesn’t matter how clearly you made your wishes known in advance.  If they’re not in a Will that conforms to the legal requirements of signing a Will, they won’t count.   A Will enables you to protect the ones you love and protect your assets, making sure they go where you want them to after you are gone.

If you die without a Will (dying ‘Intestate’) your assets will pass via the Rules of Intestacy set out by the Government; which may see your spouse being forced to sell the family home, or your unmarried partner having to take your estate to Court, and your loved ones struggling financially.

A 2007 report by the National Consumer Council found that almost 70% of people die without a Will.

Of those people that do have Wills, 28% of their Wills – more than 1 in 4 – are found to be invalid on their death – normally because they have been poorly drafted, have not been signed or witnessed correctly, or have not been kept updated.

We don’t just write generic ‘one size fits all’ Wills – we visit you in your own home or office, at a time to suit you, to answer any questions you may have, and advise you on every conceivable aspect of this complex legal area with regard to your specific circumstances.  We then draw up an individually tailored comprehensive Will that ensures you protect the ones you love and protect your assets after your death.

We do not know in advance what needs to be done to achieve all your aims so we cannot quote a price unless we have learned all about your family, your assets and what you want to achieve. For that reason we offer a meeting at our expense where we set out your options with the advantages and disadvantages and our Fees.

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