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Digital Wills

There is a growing realisation that people hold assets that are only held in digital form.   It may not be obvious to an Executor that those assets exist or even if they can be realised. An online spread betting account might hold substantial value but few digital companies have a system to allow an |Executor […]

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How to find the Will Part Two

Certainty (also known as has provided Will storage free of charge to IPW members since 2014. This provides a facility  for Wills to be stored physically, thus ensuring that it can be found and used when the member dies. This ensures that the wishes of the deceased are acknowledged legally as it is often […]

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Dying Tidily 2

Tips for dealing with Shares Anyone who has had to administer an estate will know that they will have wished that the deceased had asked themselves these questions and made these decisions. Ownership of a modest number of Legacy shares might produce a small dividend cheque but also comes with a tax voucher. The presence […]

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